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The premier global open-market distributor of electronic components

At Lantana, we partner with customers by leveraging our vast supplier network to help solve electronic supply chain shocks like:

Our sourcing team is constantly monitoring the electronic component and finished product markets through our proprietary software Scout™ so we can work alongside you to ensure the effect on your business is minimized.


Whether you are looking to locate hard-to-find electronic components or reduce lengthy delivery times we will take care of the supply chain for you in order to solve your material shortage. With the fastest response times, sourcing and unrivaled experience in global logistics, we can avoid the stress of shortage situations and remove the disruptions in your production lines by providing the specific solutions you need.

In Lantana we understand the importance of not having any scarcity – we assure quick-turn capabilities to meet your on-time delivery needs. We have the supply-chain expertise that is able to quickly obtain electronic components from around the world to ensure that your production lines remain in full production condition. With our rapid response times, unmatched sourcing, and experience in global logistics, we can deliver the solutions you require, thus removing disruption to your production lines. Therefore, we assure to provide the best solution for all your supply chain requirements.

Obsolescence Management

lantana offers a proactive obsolescence management strategy. We utilize leading market data and strategic supplier relationships to mitigate obsolescence risk. Our robust obsolescence management capabilities include product life cycle analysis and reverse engineering. These can significantly reduce obsolescence’s impact on through-life costs for our clients.

An electronic component becomes obsolete when it is no longer available from the original manufacturer to the original specification. It can cause major headaches because electronics are often designed to use that specific component.

The rate of component obsolescence keeps pace with the pace of technological advancement. Key components can quickly become obsolete – they are announced as being at the ‘end-of-life’ (EOL), meaning that they will no longer be produced to that specification.

Obsolescence management must become a key part of supply chain management for clients, to ensure that they are not caught out by a sudden EOL announcement.

In 2008 we created a new Asia focussed authorized line card focusing specifically on lesser-known Chinese and Taiwanese brands. Our line card offers a broad technology mix covering a wide range of applications. It is designed to offer our clients more cost-effective alternatives to Tier 1 brands which are now under lead time pressure as well as offering a viable alternative on our customers with the advent of aggressive obsolescence from major Manufacturers.

Our Industries


Specializing in electromechanics for the military field.


Advanced microdevices and components for the medical and health sector.


Components in the motor vehicles industry including Semiconductors.

Aerospace and Defense

Lantana is an authorized Distributor of a wide range of manufacturers.

Oil & Gas

From downhole activities to the data center.


Lantan’s adaptable supply chain arrangements help administrators.


Gaming is one of the swiftest-developing ventures.


Components in the banking and fintech area.

About Us

From the “new normal” to a “new future

Lantana Advanced Micro Devices LTD is a leading professional service provider focusing on the global aerospace defense& semiconductor distribution industry Established in 2007.
Our company is certified with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System).

Our Services

Cost-Reduction Strategies

Our strong networks able us to save you money on different products you are currently buying from different suppliers


Quick-turn capabilities to meet your on-time delivery needs. We have the supply-chain expertise to resolve your material shortages.

Inventory Management

Lantana can help you manage your inventory in the most efficient manner through tailored agreements

Global Logistics

In Lantana we have a global logistic team completely dedicated to meeting your needs and making sure you get your products on time


Our strength is our global network of reliable suppliers that we have developed over the years, insuring we could find you those hard-to-find and shortage parts

Market Intelligence

Lantana consistently continues gathering relevant data adapting according to market trends


We create markets in other locations in order to move your excess products

End of Life / Obsolescence

Our networks allow us to find your end-of-life components and keep you informed with the current usage


Lantana can package products and components together shipping you them as one single unit

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