How Long Will the Chip Shortage Last?

Every industry that relies on semi-conductor chips including storage, RAM, and CPUs has had to deal with the limited supply of these chips in the last two years. This has led to a significant increase in the prices of the products that use these chips. At Lantana, we have always been doing our best to […]

Best practices for sourcing the electronic components you need

To produce excellent products, it is very important to look at where and how you source the various components required to make these products. Whether you are in the automotive industry, aerospace, or computing, it is crucial to take the right steps while sourcing the electronics components required to make your products work.   At […]

CPU performance testing

In this era, CPUs are used in multiple devices, including computers, cars, smartphones, robots, etc. There are several CPU models in the market that you can buy today based on your needs. While buying CPUs, one of the most important aspects that most organizations and individuals care about is performance.   Manufacturers of these CPUs […]

SSD quality assurance procedures

Solid State Drives (SSDs) have become the go-to storage option for most electronic devices where performance and reliability are the priorities. Yes, SSDs are more expensive, but their performance difference, when compared to HDDs, is what makes this extra cost worth it. Due to the increase in demand for SSDs, there are lots of brands […]

How to navigate the chip shortage to ensure continuity

The semiconductor chip shortage has become a problem for almost every industry over the last 2 years. Whether your company falls under the oil and gas, computing, automotive, or aerospace industries, I am pretty sure you are already filling the pain of the ongoing chip shortage.   However, a company’s resilience is tested in such […]