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All orders are Non-Cancellable and Non-Returnable unless authorized by the Seller prior to order placement. Prices quoted are for a Single Shipment unless otherwise noted. All rejection claims for a shipment must be made within 8 days after receipt of the shipment. Returns require prior approval and are subject to possible restocking charges. Seller makes no express or implied warranty with respect to the items described hereon, and such items are purchased “As Is” except that the Seller acknowledges responsibility for any such items not meeting manufacturer’s specifications. Seller’s responsibility hereunder for items not meeting manufacturer’s specifications is expressly limited to either: 1. Refund of Purchaser’s purchase price for such items (without interest) or 2. Repair and/or replacement of such items, at Seller’s election, and such remedy shall be exclusive and in lieu of all others. Seller will not be liable for personal injury or property damage except that caused by Seller’s negligence, and Seller will in no event be responsible for or have any obligations or liabilities for consequential damages.

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