Products are gotten into our quality-controlled appropriation centers, where our exceptionally experienced and prepared quality investigators cautiously review and check all parts preceding them being dispatched. Parts, bundling, marks, and inbound desk work are shot and transferred to our systems for full recognizability.

Nowadays although the advanced technology tools, you can still find subpar or counterfeit that continue to confound the industry. We are committed to obtaining the highest quality, most durable ,and authentic advanced micro devices dealing with original manufacturer specifications. We believe in extensive testing to ensure high-quality standards and reliability in addition to individual application requirements.

We are certified with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System.

We strictly choose and selectively select our most reliable supply partners with only high-standard distributors who conform to our incredibly high suppliers’ standards.

Quality is woven into our core.

Buying counterfeit
semiconductors is a risky

Semiconductors are the center of electronic frameworks utilized in high-unwavering quality business sectors, such as industrial, transportation, military, medical, energy, civil aviation, automotive, and telecommunications. Counterfeit and substandard products introduce major risks to the health, safety, and security of people around the world.


Our dispersion centers in the UK, Israel, India and Hong Kong have been planned and fitted to satisfy both the needs of our clients with a checked temperature and moistness framework and an ESD climate worked for the taking care of and stockpiling of electronic parts.

Ways to Avoid Counterfeit & Substandard Products:

Just buy products from the OCM or their authorized distributors and licensed manufacturers. Buy from a provider that conveys a full guarantee for execution, quality, and dependability.

Ensure the supplier complies with industry standards for handling and preservation with quality certifications as appropriate to the sale of the final product.



Quality is woven all through everything that we do.

Everything is process-driven and everybody in each Lantana spot works off similar Processes.

At Lantana, we consolidate the most recent innovation at our quality and coordinated operations centers and all through the investigation cycle. Likewise, we put stock in straightforwardness. Our clients know all that we know.

This caring treatment at each progression makes us the specialists and the pioneers who are ceaselessly increasing the quality expectations for all electronic part merchants.

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